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İstanbul Aydın University is established in 2003-2004 academic year.  The mission of  İstanbul Aydın University is to support the university's teaching, learning, researching activities and supplying  document and information resource needs. Library serves with 2 branch library.

  • Bahçelievler campus Library
    Florya campus library

  • İstanbul Aydın University Library serves their services with emerging technological improvements.   To achieve this goal, Library gathers and organizes  varied  information from various medias and services  their users’ need.

  • Istanbul Aydın University Library’s collection covers national and international various resources like periodicals, refrence materials, technical publications and various multimedia resources. Also internet connection is available for researchers.

  • Printed library materials are set in order by Dewey Decimal Clasificafion System and all presented on open shelves. Dewey clasification  is set materials in order by subject  terms to access materials easily on shelves.
    İstanbul Aydın University also is aimed to create a collaboration with other national and international universities and institutions to share information, document and other kind of resources.